Zoe Chressanthis: Visions of Vortex / October 6th - 29th

Visions of Vortex
is Zoe Chressanthis’ imagined mythology of otherworldly creatures and all seeing eyes residing in seas, lagoons and shallow ponds. New watercolor and gouache paintings accompany ten hand drawn and stop-motion films created over the last decade. Presented in chronological order, the evolution of Chressanthis’ style and carefully crafted sets is apparent in this compilation. Three ceramic life forms are also on display, hailing from the universe of her claymation film Dune Valley.

Zoe Chressanthis is a Santa Fe based artist, originally from Topanga Canyon, California. She works in a variety of two dimensional mediums, clay, and animation. Zoe was an Artist in Residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri after receiving her BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016 with a focus in Illustration. Chressanthis has worked on film projects in Los Angeles and Greece featuring her animations. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

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  • "Lagoon Scene"
  • "Evolving Sea Cow"
  • "You Are Not a Mountain in the Land of Vortex"
  • "Return of Haunt Research"
  • "All Seeing"
  • "Evolved Sea Cow"
  • "Dune Valley Donnie"
  • "Weeping Wisdom"
  • "I'll Sleep Where You Live in My Dreams"
  • "Character Study"
  • "Indigo Sea Woman"
  • "Just a Place and Time Alone"
  • "Last of the Old Life"
  • "Oracle"
  • "Fairy Prion"
  • "Dune Valley"
  • "Pink Desert Clouds"
  • "Mers Springs"