Brian Lucas: Entoptic Presence / September 1 - October 1

Entoptic Presence is the first Santa Fe exhibition and the first solo exhibition for Oakland, California-based self-taught artist Brian Lucas. The show brings together over 30 drawings, completed over the last year, which the artist has described as “strange cosmologies hatched at the kitchen table”. Executed on both black and white paper, the drawings employ a distinct visual vocabulary of personal symbols and marks reminiscent of alien landscapes, mysterious beings, and unexplainable events.

Brian Lucas
is a self-taught artist, poet, and musician based in Oakland, CA. He has exhibited at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, Airesis (Mexico), Planthouse Gallery (NYC), Krowswork (Oakland), and others. His poetry has been published by Two Way Mirror Books, Ensemble Editions, BlazeVox Books, and others. As a musician, he has performed with numerous bands and released his solo music under the name “Old Million Eye” on Feeding Tube Records, Eiderdown Records, Cardinal Fuzz Records, Invisible City Records and others. Lucas attributes the catalyst of his prolific creativity to the boredom of growing up in a small town; and notes research interests in megaliths, petroglyphs, surrealism, occult electronics, anomalous phenomena, ecomorphology, fungi, speculative poetry, esoteric philosophy, spiritual anarchism, William Blake, and interstellar transmissions.

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  • "Travels At Home"
  • "Gold With Wings"
  • "Eye Sparks"
  • "Season Speaks"
  • "Glory Containers"
  • "Emergent"
  • "Lunar Abecedarium"
  • "Solar Abecedarium"
  • "Hover"
  • "Life Threads"
  • "The Gentle Universe"
  • "World Swirl"
  • "Focus"
  • "Astral Beast"
  • "Mountain Transmitter"
  • "Charged"
  • "Pulse"
  • "Stellar Moulting"
  • "Plans For The Dome"
  • "Hello It's Me"
  • "Flotational Device I"
  • "Flotational Device II"
  • "Flotational Device III"
  • "Flotational Device IV"
  • "Flotational Device V"
  • "Flotational Device VI"
  • "Appearances I"
  • "Appearances II"
  • "Appearances III"
  • "World Ignition"
  • "Delicate Stream Head"
  • "Orb Breach"