The Art of Tarot: May 1 - June 1

The Art of Tarot (May 1 - June 1) Tarot is a centuries-old collection of cards used for games and divination. The cards depict a specific set of figures and symbols that tell the story of the human experience of life on mundane, psychological, and spiritual levels. During the last few decades the tarot has gained in popularity exponentially and has become a particularly favored subject for interpretation by visual artists. – This exhibition brings together a spectacular group of artists working in painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, film, and stained glass who share a passion for esoteric, metaphysical, and mystical imagery. Some of the artists on view have produced their own tarot decks, while other artists have interpreted the symbols and myths of the tarot and applied them to contemporary situations and imagined futures.

Artists: Lisa de St. Croix (Santa Fe), Daniel Martin Diaz (AZ), Ana Cortez (Santa Fe), CJ Freeman, Eddy Falconer (CA), Ineke Vera De Soete (Belgium), Sandra Gisonti (CO), Sylvia Eichmann (CO), Alexandra Catalina (AZ), Denise Weaver Ross (ABQ), Ede Ericson Cardell (Santa Fe), Haley Lynn (Dixon), Jodi Sharp (Santa Fe)