Rachel Dawson: TALISMAN / June 10 - July 20

New paintings by California artist Rachel Dawson.

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"The power of the unseen offers a means to search out the edge of the unknown, from the worlds of the subconscious to the supernatural. As an artist, I see my role as a medium and my paintings as acts of sorcery... My paintings are at once talismans, meditations on color, and energetic offerings."   -  Rachel Dawson

    Rachel Dawson is an artist and educator based in Oakland, CA. Her practice bridges artistic and metaphysical processes, seeking to render the invisible visible and materialize the immaterial. As an artist, she embodies her role as a medium within the feminized space of her intuitive practice and the creative process of artistic expression.

    Dawson grew up in Southern California, but has spent the last two decades in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she is not in the studio, she is teaching art to gifted middle school and high school students at the Nueva School where she is the Art Department Chair. She received her MFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited nationally, and throughout North America, in Mexico, and Canada.

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    • "Calling on Ancestors"
    • "Energy Cleanse"
    • "Yarrow on my Third Eye"
    • "Joyride"
    • "Dream Stave"
    • "Interdimensional Being"
    • "Dreaming In Larimar"
    • "A Desire for the Supernatural"
    • "Ardent Protector"
    • A Guardian of Flame
    • "Firestone"